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Ryan Air opens routes to the Azores

 NALLE logo-red 30%The ‘low cost’ company announced that, starting in April, it will link Ponta Delgada to London, Lisbon and Porto, projecting 350,000 customers a year. Links to the island of Terceira are still under negotiation.

Tax Inspectors investigate Owners with more than a house

Finanças is scrutinizing real estate data. Inspectors are contacting directlyNALLE logo-red 30% those who have homes to rent.  By cross-checking data such as water and electricity consumption, they determine residential occupancy and verify appropriate tax declarations.

Government back-peddles on IRS Reform

NALLE logo-red 30%The government has abandoned many of the proposed IRS reforms to the 2015 Budget in hopes of achieving a consensus with the opposition Socialist Party. With recent successive alterations, it would appear that only the final Budget vote will clarify which changes survive.

Fines for unauthorised Local Lodging

NALLE logo-red 30%The penalty for letting furnished accommodations to tourists without a license (registration with your local Council) is as follows: for Individuals: €2,500 to €3,740.98 / for Companies: €25,000 to €44,891.22 The same fines also apply to the absence of an Energy Efficiency Certificate that is mandatory when conducting property related activities.

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