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IMI calculation

Portaria 280/2014 of 30-12-2014, has changed the amount for square meter of the properties for 2015, from €603 to 482,40. This means that the IMI (Council Rates) can be reduced if an update of the VPT is requested in Finanças.?????


Terms of Responsibility

For new Local Lodging Licenses, the City Halls are now asking for a single “Termo de Responsibilidade” by the owner.  Individual terms, issued by an electrician and a gas company, are not required anymore. However, you might want to obtain these declarations on your own accord. In the unlikely case of an accident due to a fault in one of the systems, you can shift the burden to the respective engineer.NALLE logo-red 20

Point accounts for driving offences

Are you resident in Portugal? Beware: Following the example of other European countries, Portugal is going to introduce a points system for motorists in March 2015. Light and severe infractions will be attributed as points to the driver’s name, resulting in the loss of the driving license with three serious or five less serious infractions within a 5 year period. Spain has used a similar system since 2007.NALLE logo-red 30%

Capital Improvements valid for 12 years

Thinking of selling a property?  TheNALLE logo-red 30% good news: Beginning in 2015, documented capital improvements made in the 12 years prior to sale of real estate can be used to offset immoveable capital gains. Formerly, the allowable time period was 5 years.

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