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NALLE: Local Lodging Association launched

NALLE, the National Association of Local Lodging Establishments, had its formal launch at a recent seminar in Faro hosted by Safe Communities Portugal. Addressing Local Lodging, eight high-ranking officials from different branches of government made presentations in English in order to reach out to over 300 owners, operators and agents in attendance. Entitled “Local Lodging as an asset to the Algarve tourist industry”, the conference addressed broad-reaching subjects to clarify new Local Lodging legislation and its simplified requirements.

In addition to introducing the newly formed association, NALLE’s president, Dennis Swing Greene, distributed the recently published “NALLE Local Lodging Handbook” to present a sound factual base in an area fraught with misinformation and confusion. This handbook is available in print or in PDF and is included with Association membership.

NALLE has as its mission to provide essential information and support to its members regarding Local Lodging in Portugal; enhance security for holidaymakers; strengthen compliance in Local Lodging operations; and provide a collective voice, representing all of those engaged in the activity of Local Lodging in Portugal.

To become a member or obtain more information about NALLE, please consult the association’s website:

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