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Long Term Rental income –Tax Office to cross-check utility bills

Gas, electricity and other service providers will now be asked by the Tax Office to provide data about their customer contracts and identity. This will include the date of the contract, address and customer identity as well as the owner of this property. Where data does not match, the owners will be asked to explain the discrepancies.


Electronic Complaints Book to be launched

The Complaints Book (“Livro de Reclamações”) is a mandatory provision where users can register complaints in establishments that perform services to the general public. The Government is currently preparing to launch an electronic version. Legislation is now being prepared and the new project should begin in June.

Local Lodging Legislation adapted

The lawmakers are tweaking the fine print: Law no. 63/2015 changes certain details in the application process for Local Lodging. The new law defines the documentation when assigning the activity over to a third party. It also clarifies when more than nine units may be run by the same agent; and defines Hostels more clearly.

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