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The Capital boasts 4,000 tourist apartments

Of the 4000 registered tourist Apartments in the Capital, 400 fall into the category of “serviced apartments”, directed to executives in the business sector.  The remainder are classified as “local lodging”, sought after by tourists of all nationalities and economic classes. Registered beds have triple in past 6 months to 11,500. Per bed costs range on average from €26 to €39 per Person.

Entrepreneurs in Portugal can have up to 20 CAE’s

Self employed business operators can register themselves with as many as 20 CAE’s (identification number of economic activity category).  This is an increase from the previous upper limit of 5.

Lisbon City Tax

Lisbon City Hall has plans to raise a „City Tax“ from hotels and local lodgings on their visitors as of 2016. Many cities in other countries use these funds to maintain and increase the city’s attractions.

Lisbon is pondering it but no decision has been made; the idea may still be abolished. We shall keep you informed!

Energy certificate – yes or no?

A member received the info from a service provider that he doesn’t need an energy certificate as he is only renting out for four months per year.

We received this answer from an expert in the field:
The Legislation (Law 128/2014) or the new portaria does not have that information yet, because the Tourism of Portugal is still waiting for an answer from the Department of Energy. A provider cannot say if it or not necessary, because even the Legislator is not yet ready to answer this question.

This is exactly what the secretary of tourism has answered in the last seminar in Albufeira.

Because the legislation is not clear and it says that any property rented or available to the public needs a energy certificate it’s better to follow the rules.

Local Lodging and Capital Gains

Info from the NALLE Board:

“With the introduction of Decree Law 128/2014 of 29 August, questions have been raised regarding the potential assessment of Capital Gains when Owners use their own immovable property in the operation of a Local Lodging business. Local Lodging is a commercial enterprise and is taxed under Category B. Immovable property held in a private name that is used for business purposes by the owner may be subject to Capital Gains under certain circumstances ….”
The full text is available to our members.

Capital Gains

There is information circulating that owners running Local Lodging businesses could face a Capital Gains Tax liability when selling the property or closing the business.
This information has not been confirmed!
Several institutions, including NALLE and the Finance Authorities, are working on the issue in order to answer this question in a satisfactory manner.
If you have heard of this rumour: don’t get spooked by it!
Keep an eye on our website, we shall publish an information about the issue as soon as it becomes available!

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