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Airbnb with 26,700 offerings in Portugal

Airbnb, the world’s largest network of reserves in private homes, currently has 26,700 offerings in Portugal with over 10,000 in Lisbon alone. The San Francisco based internet operator reports annual growth of 65% in 2015 as compared to last year.



Population declines in Portugal

Portugal is in fifth place in the world when it comes to population decline (2014 figures). The country suffers from low fertility, an aging population and an exodus of young people leaving the Country.

Property transfer tax to stay on in 2016

The IMT will not be abolished in 2016. The gradual wind down is now scheduled to begin in 2017. For City Halls around Portugal, this means that they can continue to count this revenue of approximately €180 million in 2016.

Tourism with strong foreign demand

Portugal is one of the most sought after destinations from foreign nationals: French, Spanish, English, German and Nordics. With the right ingredients, Portugal is safe and welcoming, with quality accommodation, good weather and affordable cost of living.

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