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French buy more houses in Portugal

In the first quarter of 2016, the French buyers surpassed the English and Chinese for the first time in the real estate purchases. This trend further consolidates the growth experienced in recent years. Overall, foreign investment represents 20% of property purchases in Portugal.


Porto plans Tourist Tax “to protect the city’s heritage”

The mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, announced his intention to introduce a Tourist Tax in the city of Porto “to alleviate the tourist footprint in the city” and “to buy real estate that the municipality does not want used for tourism.”

Lisbon upholds Local Lodging

The Lisbon Municipal Assembly rejected a motion to limit the number of Local lodging offerings in the country’s capital.  Both supply and demand for Local Lodging have increased in recent years putting pressure on conventional rentals. At the same time, tourism receipts have grown dramatically.


National Local Lodging debate

The vice president of the Municipality of Lisbon, Duarte Cordeiro, urged the Government to take part in a national debate on Local Lodging, considering that: “there is still no certainty” what will be the most effective policies.

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