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Lisbon Tourist Tax yields €11 million in 10 months

Lisbon, the city that pioneered the levy in Portugal, charges 1 euro on each night in the capital.  The assessment brought more than 11 million euros to Lisbon in just 10 months. Vila Real de Santo António and Cascais are set to follow the example in 2017. Porto also contemplates launching  a Tourist Tax but only as of 2018. Aveiro attempted to implement the measure in 2013, but a year later, suspended the fee.


Cascais to charge Tourist Tax in February

The Municipality of Cascais will begin charging a tourist tax as of February 1st. All overnight stays in hotels, hostels and local lodging establishments will be subject to the charge of one euro per night, up to a maximum of five euros per stay.

Home Ownership in Portugal: “Land rich, cash poor”

Local Lodging has the potential to unlock untapped financial resources from home ownership. Three out of four Portuguese nationals own their own homes (74.9%). Portugal ranks well ahead of many wealthy countries in Europe and around the world in home ownership:  Sweden (70.6%), the Netherlands (67.8%), Canada (67.9%), USA (64.5%), France (65%), UK (63.5%), Germany (52.5%) and Switzerland (44.5%). Accentuating these statistics is the fact that multiple home ownership is commonplace in Portugal.

Prospects for Local Lodging in 2017

Excess competition coupled with controversies surrounding Local Lodging are beginning to affect prices and occupancy rates. While registrations were still up in 2016, the pace has diminished substantially which slowed from 200% in 2015 to just 8% last year.

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