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Forced tax collection to reach €1,100 million in 2017

Forced tax collection should allow the AT (Tax Office) to collect 1,100 million euros throughout 2017. To reach this aim, the “AT” is reinforcing automatisms and computer applications in order to be able to monitor more effectively the progress of processing tax debts. This represents a decrease from previous years since overdue taxes have also diminished.


Hotel group leader supports Local Lodging

In an interview with the “Jornal de Negócios” and “Antena 1“, the president of the Pestana group, José Theotónio, declared that: “Airbnb, Local Lodging and hostels are all welcome. They represent competition but are necessary to build Portugal as a cosmopolitan and sustainable tourist destination.” This statement signals a significant turn-around in the tradition hostility voiced by the hotel industry towards peer-to-peer holiday lettings.

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