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Oporto tourist tax in 2018

Based on the number of overnight stays last year (6.8 million) to be charged at 2 euros per night per person, the total anticipated revenue for the municipality is expected to reach 13 million euros. The city is preparing the process of applying the new tourist tax and anticipates implementing the new levy in January next year.

Scams: Beware with holiday rentals

The consumer group, “Deco”, and the “PSP” warn of potential dangers with vacation rentals, especially when using the internet. Every year Deco receives dozens of complaints related to scams associated with holiday home lets. While the internet can be the dominant means of publicizing and reserving holidays, it is essential to use care, especially when making online payments.

CDS party wants to distinguish between individual and multiple Local Lodging operators

The centrist party has presented a draft resolution to the legislature, recommending that the Government distinguish between occasional vs permanent provision of AL services. This suggested distinction preserves the notion of periodic operation of one’s principal residence and / or secondary residence. Under the proposal, the total number of properties under management should not exceed two.

AL registration number now required

Beginning 01 July 2017, any website advertising local accommodations in Portugal must display the corresponding AL registration number. Failure to do so will lead to fines from a minimum of €125 to maximum of €32,500 as mandated in Decree-law nº80/2017.

Local Lodging: not just peer-to-peer

According to the Hotel Association of Portugal, in November of last year, 25 operators had multiple “AL” registrations: between 51 and 300. Of these, seven were running more than a hundred properties as “Local Lodging establishments,” up to a maximum of three hundred. While the majority of owners let just one or two properties, current “AL” legislation fails to distinguish between those operating on a peer-to-peer basis and those running full-blown “horizontal” hotels.


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