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Message to our NALLE Members and Partners

Since NALLE started to offer its services in February 2015, the Local Lodging industry has undergone profound changes. A small business sector which started out with 15.000 units, has grown, with 75.000 units to date, to be a real competition to the hotel industry in Portugal.

In 2015, there was a real lack of access to information in regards to the rules and regulations. Nowadays, the information on how to open and run such a business can be easily found online. ALEP, our Portuguese counterpart, is doing a good job in terms of information and workshops to enable owners to run their business successfully and in compliance with the law.

NALLE can now be considered to be an additional information service, adding on to many others, and we feel that we are not essential to the market.  Also, we have not been able to attract enough members over the years to cover our running costs.

We have therefore decided that we are going to provide the service until the end of 2019, without charge to our existing members, and to discontinue our work from then on.

Thank you for your support and attention!

With kind regards

Dennis Swing Greene




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