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ASAE cracks down on fraudulent Local Lodging

In the first half of this year, ASAE detected 41 Local Accommodation establishments operating illegally in Portugal. Of more than 500 Local Lodging inspections over the 6 month period, proceedings were raised against 30 unregistered operators.

ASAE with new LL Inspection Form

The Economic and Food Safety Authority (Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar e EconómicaASAE) has developed a detailed form for agents to use when inspecting compliance requirements of Local Lodging establishments. This development marks a more active approach towards implementing current legislation.

NALLE PowerPoint – our Mission

NALLE has its very own PowerPoint Presentation, developed for the Joint Seminar with Turismo de Portugal and ASAE on April 21st, have a look here: NALLE PP Presentation 21-04-2015

Complaints Book

?????Have you got a complaints book for your property yet? It is compulsory. It can be obtained from the local ACIF (Chamber of Commerce) for around 20€. They will keep some stats to whom they sold the book but the control that you have it, rests with ASAE (state fiscal authority).

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