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Lisbon Tourist Tax yields €11 million in 10 months

Lisbon, the city that pioneered the levy in Portugal, charges 1 euro on each night in the capital.  The assessment brought more than 11 million euros to Lisbon in just 10 months. Vila Real de Santo António and Cascais are set to follow the example in 2017. Porto also contemplates launching  a Tourist Tax but only as of 2018. Aveiro attempted to implement the measure in 2013, but a year later, suspended the fee.

Local Lodging and Capital Gains

Info from the NALLE Board:

“With the introduction of Decree Law 128/2014 of 29 August, questions have been raised regarding the potential assessment of Capital Gains when Owners use their own immovable property in the operation of a Local Lodging business. Local Lodging is a commercial enterprise and is taxed under Category B. Immovable property held in a private name that is used for business purposes by the owner may be subject to Capital Gains under certain circumstances ….”
The full text is available to our members.

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