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viaCTT electronic post box

The “AT” (Tax Office) wants to assure that all entrepreneurs receive their correspondence in a secure and unquestionable manner. To this end. all Sole Traders registered for VAT are now obliged to have an electronic post box with The viaCTT account must be activated within 30 days after VAT registration. The rule applies to sole traders once they have reached an income of over than 10.000€ in the preceding year. Fines for non-compliance go from €50 to €250.


Forced tax collection to reach €1,100 million in 2017

Forced tax collection should allow the AT (Tax Office) to collect 1,100 million euros throughout 2017. To reach this aim, the “AT” is reinforcing automatisms and computer applications in order to be able to monitor more effectively the progress of processing tax debts. This represents a decrease from previous years since overdue taxes have also diminished.

Tax Office to offer direct debit

The Tax Office (AT) is working on a system which will allow taxpayers to pay their taxes by direct debit with a simple payment order. This “Simplex” measure should be available by the end of 2017. The expectation is that the “IUC” road tax and the “IMI” property tax will be the most likely candidates for this method of payment. They are the basis  of many fines for delays due to taxpayer forgetfulness

City Halls can request IMI re-evaluations

The City Halls may now request IMI re-evaluations for tax purposes.  Until now, this procedure was only open to property owners.  IMI is a municipal tax collected by the AT (Tax Authorities), based on 0.3% – .45% of the rateable value of real property.

IRS Expenses in 2016

Many taxpayers were found to be unaware of the current procedure to adopt for recording tax credits in the supermarkets and several service areas in 2015. Therefore, the government approved a transitory measure allowing taxpayers to declare health expenses, education and training, and charges for housing in their 2015 tax declaration. In the future, these credits will only be accumulated by asking for an invoice with tax number. The shops then send the information to the AT which automatically attributes accumulating credits (up to maximum levels) to the individual taxpayers

The law also defines how to make deductions on spending for health and education outside the European Union or the EEA. Taxpayers must be able to document all expenses reported in this fashion.

Tax Number required for Deductions in 2015

Under the new Budget rules, Tax and Customs Authority (AT)NALLE logo-red 30% officials alert that, as of January 2015, only invoices that include an individual’s tax number (NIB) will be eligible for tax deductions on personal income tax expenses.

This applies also to pharmacy receipts.

Tax payers can claim up to 1000€ in medical expenses (doctors’ visits, lab, glasses, pharmacy bills), and receive a tax credit of  15%. Keep your tax number at hand!

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