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“IMI” Council Tax Rates for 2016

Council Tax Rates (IMI) in 2016 will remain the same in 259 of 308 municipalities, 84% of the total. 46 towns and cities (15%) will lower tax rate and only 1% will increase the levy. 136 townships (44%) will charge the minimum charge of 0.3%

VPT- request for a new calculation

Your intrepid correspondent has requested a new calculation for her apartment’s VPT (Valor Patrimonial, base value)?????.

The request form can be downloaded from the Portal here. and handed in to the respective Tax Office. It should take 2-3 months to receive the confirmation with the lower value. This results in a lower IMI (council rates) payment.

If you need help to fill out the document (NALLE has no capacity to do this, sorry), we can reccommend a Service, send us an email!

IMI calculation

Portaria 280/2014 of 30-12-2014, has changed the amount for square meter of the properties for 2015, from €603 to 482,40. This means that the IMI (Council Rates) can be reduced if an update of the VPT is requested in Finanças.?????

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