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Buyback price for electricity

The EDP will be paying 95€ per megawatt/hour for electricity produced in the home in 2016. The upper limit is 2.6MWh/year for energy produced by solar and water, and 5 MWh/year for production from biomass, biogas, and wind.

Gas and electricity costs in Portugal

Electricity in Portugal is the second most expensive in the EU. The price of domestic gas is the highest. The amount paid per kilowatt hour, when adjusted for purchasing power, is €0.274, higher than the EU average of €0.208, and surpassed only by Germany (€0.282).

Long Term Rental income –Tax Office to cross-check utility bills

Gas, electricity and other service providers will now be asked by the Tax Office to provide data about their customer contracts and identity. This will include the date of the contract, address and customer identity as well as the owner of this property. Where data does not match, the owners will be asked to explain the discrepancies.

Terms of Responsibility

For new Local Lodging Licenses, the City Halls are now asking for a single “Termo de Responsibilidade” by the owner.  Individual terms, issued by an electrician and a gas company, are not required anymore. However, you might want to obtain these declarations on your own accord. In the unlikely case of an accident due to a fault in one of the systems, you can shift the burden to the respective engineer.NALLE logo-red 20

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