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Hostels will no longer be considered Local Lodging

The Government recommends that hostels no longer be classified as Local Lodging (“AL”). The new legislation proposes that this type of offering be registered in the category of “Tourist Development” (“empreendimento turístico”), requiring a more formal licensing process. When the 2008 legislative reform originally introduced this accommodation concept, hostels fell into the loosely defined “Local Lodging” catchall category, rather than within the more tightly regulated “Tourist Development” grouping.

Local Lodging Legislation adapted

The lawmakers are tweaking the fine print: Law no. 63/2015 changes certain details in the application process for Local Lodging. The new law defines the documentation when assigning the activity over to a third party. It also clarifies when more than nine units may be run by the same agent; and defines Hostels more clearly.

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