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New Local Lodging law requires insurance that “does not exist”

DECO warns that the new rules for Local Lodging require owners to have an insurance that is not currently available in Portugal. According to the Portuguese Consumer Protection Association, “there is no multi-risk liability insurance, which shows a serious ignorance on the part of lawmakers.” “In addition, the law is not clear about any damages to be covered.”

No changes in Local Lodging law before the end of 2017

With all political parties submitting their own proposals, the parliamentary calendar will only consider changes to the law governing of local lodging next year. The ruling Socialist Party wants to make permission dependent on the approval of neighbors in condominiums.

Internet booking agencies praise Portuguese “AL” legislation

The Portuguese weekly, “Expresso”, reports that the principal internet booking agencies view positively Portugal’s new law governing Local Lodging. This recent legislation regulates private homes when renting out homes to tourists, an activity previously stigmatised as being part of the underground economy.

Energy certificate – yes or no?

A member received the info from a service provider that he doesn’t need an energy certificate as he is only renting out for four months per year.

We received this answer from an expert in the field:
The Legislation (Law 128/2014) or the new portaria does not have that information yet, because the Tourism of Portugal is still waiting for an answer from the Department of Energy. A provider cannot say if it or not necessary, because even the Legislator is not yet ready to answer this question.

This is exactly what the secretary of tourism has answered in the last seminar in Albufeira.

Because the legislation is not clear and it says that any property rented or available to the public needs a energy certificate it’s better to follow the rules.

Local Lodging Legislation adapted

The lawmakers are tweaking the fine print: Law no. 63/2015 changes certain details in the application process for Local Lodging. The new law defines the documentation when assigning the activity over to a third party. It also clarifies when more than nine units may be run by the same agent; and defines Hostels more clearly.

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