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Advantages of spending holidays in an “AL”

A new study by HomeAway reveals why Portuguese nationals prefer using Local Lodging for their vacations. For 79.5% of the respondents, choosing an “AL” accommodation is based on the possibility to prepare meals, thus making significant savings in the overall holiday budget. 70.2% of respondents prefer the scheduling flexibility and the ability to plan their vacation days without rigid time restrictions. In turn, 65% indicate that they can enjoy more space for leisure activities. 51.5% of holidaymakers appreciate the privacy and tranquility (as compared to 37.2% in hotels).

Local Lodging with Meals

The Local Lodging Regime also encompasses establishments that serve breakfast (Bed & Breakfast) as well as other meals if so desired. Hosts may also offer an in-house bar to their clients as long as is not open to the general public.

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