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“AL” pays commercial rates for water in several municipalities

The water regulator advocates that establishments used for local housing should pay for water as “non-household” users. The increase is already in place in several councils. However, there are other centres, such as Lisbon, where the municipality has reimbursed the extra charge.

Tourist Tax in Porto off to a strong start

Porto’s Municipal Tourist Tax only began to be applied in April 2018, but the results from the first three months of collection point to annual revenues 50% above initial estimates. By the end of the year, the municipality currently expects to raise over €9,000,000.

Another town adds a “Tourist Tax”

Vila Real de Santo António is the latest municipality to add a tourist tax (and probably not the last).  Like its predecessors, the assessment is €1 per night per individual.  Also like other councils, this Câmara offers owners no way to discount the levy, leaving no alternative but to pay tax on another tax.

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