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Local Lodging prices rise in Lisbon and stabilize in Oporto

The average cost of Local Lodging increased 4.6% in the centre of Lisbon and 0.3% in the historical neighbourhoods of Oporto in the first half of 2017 as compared to the previous six months period according to a recent study.

Prospects for Local Lodging in 2017

Excess competition coupled with controversies surrounding Local Lodging are beginning to affect prices and occupancy rates. While registrations were still up in 2016, the pace has diminished substantially which slowed from 200% in 2015 to just 8% last year.

Gas and electricity costs in Portugal

Electricity in Portugal is the second most expensive in the EU. The price of domestic gas is the highest. The amount paid per kilowatt hour, when adjusted for purchasing power, is €0.274, higher than the EU average of €0.208, and surpassed only by Germany (€0.282).

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