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New long-term housing policy

Prime Minister António Costa declared: “We do not have an excess of Local Lodging. We have a lack of affordable housing.” The Government presented its “New Generation of Housing Policies” (NGPH), which includes various measures to stimulate urban rental and rehabilitation. Beyond contributions from the state, the goal is to create incentives for private individuals to place their properties with an affordable lease.”

Urban Renewal for Local Lodging in Funchal

A year ago, the Funchal Investor Desk and the “City with Life” Programmes started in Funchal. So far, 236 requests have been registered regarding the rehabilitation of “Zona Velha” buildings to create Local Lodgings, with trade and services on the ground floor.

Portugal lags in Urban Renewal in the EU

NALLE logo-red 30%Despite noticeable growth in recent years, the rehabilitation of aging urban centres accounts for just 7% of construction and public works in Portugal. This compares with an average of 36.8% throughout the EU and 25% in neighbouring Spain.

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